Twenty Years of Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir

Pisoni Estate

This fall, the Pisoni family invites you to celebrate the twentieth vintage of their signature Estate Pinot Noir. Like anything well wrought—a painting, a rock garden, a symphony—distinguished wine requires a great deal of thought and ample time to create. The backstory behind this latest release unfolds in three installments, all of which feature patience, perseverance, and perspective—and some moxie thrown in for good measure.


要了解2018年Pisoni村黑比诺是如何应运而生,投你一眼落后半个世纪的七十年代,当加里Pisoni从大学毕业。虽然刚刚走出十多岁,加里就已经开始了对自己思想为酒商。他的研究的第一阶段是格外惬意:品尝和收集葡萄酒。不太容易,说服他的父亲在农场上述高地种植葡萄是一个好主意。前几次加里提出的主题并不顺利。这个家庭已经买了一块土地在圣露西亚高地用于在他们放牧的牛歌擦洗土地。加里知道这个粗糙的每一寸土地,曾帮助牛的父亲打理。“当我告诉我的爸爸,我想有种植葡萄的时候,他看着我,好像我是个疯子。事实上,每个人都认为我疯了,”加里回忆。尽管这低于令人鼓舞的迹象,不过,加里没有对他的梦想放弃。 Rather, he planted his first grapevines in 1982—when his parents were away on vacation. For close to a decade, Gary hauled water from the family’s vegetable farm on the valley floor up the steep hillsides to irrigate his young vines. To everyone’s surprise, they thrived—and this was well before the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA was even officially established. It wasn’t long before Gary, typically outfitted in a brightly-colored Hawaiian shirt, began driving people through the stunning blocks of the small vineyard, in the Jeep that became his signature vehicle.


The second stage of the long labor that has culminated in the twentieth vintage began in 1998. By this time, Gary had gained a reputation as a maverick farmer and vintner whose grapes were recognized for their high quality. He is famous for handshake grape deals, rather than written contracts (a tradition that still continues today). Gary had a special block of Pinot Noir that he did not want to sell. As harvest neared and so did Gary’s ambition for his own Estate label, the prominent vintner Mark Aubert offered to make the first couple vintages of wine until sons Mark and Jeff returned from school.


Fast-forward to arrive at 2018, when this latest release of Pisoni’s Estate Pinot Noir was harvested, and you can see just how much continuity there is in the family’s way of farming. Gary’s parents purchased the ranch upon which their son planted grapevines. In turn, like their father before them, Mark and Jeff craft wine. The 20th vintage of Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir also offers illustration of the flexibility and foresight with which the family works to further agricultural, economic, and community sustainability. In order to maintain a wildlife corridor which helps keep the ecosystem a healthy one, Gary and his sons have planted only 35 of their 280 acres in vines. With the aid of the men and women who have for decades worked alongside him, Mark has increased the focus on sustainability by combining cutting-edge technologies with traditional farming techniques to tend the vines. To conserve water, a pressure chamber and a porometer continuously measure how much moisture each vine receives. Soil probes assess the level of moisture up to five feet below ground, while a Tule system of plant evapotranspiration helps maintain the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.


The 20th vintage of the Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir and Pisoni Estate Chardonnay.
The 20th vintage of the Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir and Pisoni Estate Chardonnay.


2018 Pisoni Estate Chardonnay

2018年Pisoni房地产霞多丽是一个极其limited four-barrel blend from this remarkable vintage. The unfiltered chardonnay possesses a greenish-gold hue, also an early indicator of the vibrance and energy within. A first impression is mouthwatering freshness as bright notes of white peach, honeysuckle and orange blossom leap from the glass. On the palate, the wine brings depth and complexity with stone fruits and lemon zest. A long finish and balanced acidity ensures a long life in the cellar. Low yields in this rocky site, native fermentation and eighteen months resting in the cellar bring together this beautiful wine.

2018 Pisoni村黑比诺





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